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Need a Change

Need a Change. Quit my job. Get up on my own two feet.

I do believe I need a change. To quit my job is the most sensible thing that comes to my mind right now. To get up on my own two feet. I have always felt that I am very...


Workshop on Capital Market

Attended a Workshop on Capital Market hosted by Capital Market Development Authority #CMDA in #Villa #College. It was a very fruitful workshop where I got to meet some very nice gentlemen and ladies who were interested in the Capital...

Intro with kid

Intro video with Kid – Whatables

Intro with Kid


Not updating to Windows 10? Download and install now!

A lot of readers are complaining that they still cannot update or upgrade to windows 10. For some reasons, it is still not updating to Windows 10. They do not even get the invite to install windows 10 or...

headset feature image

How to fix your broken headphones by yourself

What if I were to tell you the ways to repair your broken headphone? There are simple things that you will need for the repairs and no technical skills at all. The methods are very easy and can be...

iphone 6 feature image

iPhone 6 — Is it a great smartphone?

Apple launched its latest iPhone recently and the fans were eager to get their hands on it as soon as it hit the market. Were the wait and all the excitement truly worth it? What should you expect from...

samsung galaxy s5 feature image


The Galaxy series of Samsung has set a new standard in smartphones giving even Apple’s iPhone a hard time. With the new Samsung Galaxy S5 users have been introduced to yet another quality smartphone bringing in new developments in...

pain manangement feature image

Pain management — Reducing pain by playing games

Pain is something every human being is vulnerable to feel. It is a terrible feeling that is inevitable to have. You bump into a hard object, get your feet crushed by someone or accidentally burn your finger while cooking;...

self respect feature image

Self-esteem— The way I define myself

Buy this: Empower Your Soul: Create Balance in Your Life by Trusting Your Intuition These days I’m feeling a little caught up in the idea of “self” so I started searching for answers about what it is. I’m going...

personality feature image

Personality— Discover what kind of a person you are

Buy this: Cognitive Behavior Therapy of DSM-IV-TR Personality Disorders by Sperry, Len. (Routledge,2006) [Hardcover] 2ND EDITION There comes a point in time when you find yourself confused about what you want. There’s a time when you actually want to...

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